Friday, May 16, 2008

The running Mummy.

I love running!!  Even in the rain.  Actually, more-so in the rain.  I've done it twice this past week and by the looks of the clouds will be doing it whether or not I like it for the next few weeks.  What, gentle reader, do I love so much about running in rain?  I hear you begging to know my answers.  Here are my top 5 reasons:

1. When it's raining, I don't get hot.  And getting hot is one thing that will end a run pretty quickly, esp. with my northern european blood.  

2. Don't have to worry about dehydration; just have to open my mouth a look up.

3. People usually don't go out and drive, so I can usually run in the road.

4. To those people that do go out, I look like a hardcore runner.  And I like that.

5. I LOVE, love getting soaked to the bone because so often I try to avoid it -- running from my car to the house or the grocery to the car.  Running in the rain is my chance to play and act like a little kid again.

I will gladly run my portion of this marathon, even if there is a torrential downpour!  If that isn't a good enough reason to support our efforts, then I better go out and buy an umbrella.

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old_black said...

I love running...but not quite so keen on the rain as Mummy Dearest. Part of the reason could be that I don't share your top 3 reasons:
1. I don't get hot when running. I am happy to run when the temperature is in the 90s.
2. I don't seem to dehydrate much - don't usually need to carry water.
3. I run mostly from 3am to 5am. There aren't many vehicles on the roads - I don't need rain to keep people away - I avoid people in other ways.

I'm not so keen on rain-running because when I run it's dark and in rain my glasses get wet then I can't see where I'm going!! Also I usually have a bag of stuff on my back (because I'm on my way to work) and I don't want the stuff to get wet.

But having said all that, one of my happiest running memories involves running in the rain!!