Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello. Firstly, many, many thanks to all of you who are supporting our run (and thereby support our mission at the Farm). This being my debut blog post effort, you can expect wildly pertinent information.

Seven of us will be cruising down to the Cape in s-t-y-l-e...aka the Enoch's seven passenger minivan. I'm redefining proper usage here and shotgunning the middle section door side seat. (You'll note the importance of staking territory when riding in a vehicle in which all available seats are filled).

Of significance is that fact that I will not be running the marathon this weekend. An unfortunate incident involving turkey slaughter, a very sharp knife, and my hand occurred about six weeks ago. Details? People seem to want to hear them. The knife (luckily fairly slim) went into my left palm and hit a couple of nerves, a tendon, and a muscle. Of course the knife, almost passing through completely, went through the head of the turkey first (essential detail for mental re-creation). A hand surgeon in the area fit me into his schedule the next day and made repairs. I should be released to all activities fully on November 4th. Let's note that the appointment runs a distant second to another event occurring on this day (I will refrain from making a political plug). The hand stabbing took me out of three crucial training weeks. I was unable to run the longest and second longest runs on my schedule. My goal is to continue training to run a marathon in the spring.

An intentional and ultimately related digression. We've all been inundated with the competition of politics for months now. Well, here's a quick read on the politics of competition.

As a friend pointed out, "It's almost a perfect sociological metaphor for the persecutions of poverty, ethnicity, and culture. Some start ahead. Most start behind. Even those who surpass the "elite" are still ignored, disregarded, and even criticized for their excellence." That aside, it's worth reading if you're in the mood for some athletics related righteous indignation.

To our relay team, Steph, Michal, Beth, Courtney, and Stephen: ROCK ON, it's fantastic to see all of you take on this event (considering doubts, busy schedules, and last minute fill ins)!

A particular thank you to Matthew, Jay, and Ben who are joining in support as our crew team.

Laura, we miss you!

A final THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to keep up with our progress (and road blocks), and all who have lent their support (monetary and moral). We have exceeded our fundraising goal and hope that this success will set in motion future efforts. They say marathons have an addictive quality...

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