Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Welcome to the Running for Gould Farm blog!

A group of runners that love Gould Farm and its mission are training to run the Cape Cod Marathon on October 26, 2008. We have started this blog in an effort to help raise money for Gould Farm. Will you help us?

Through this blog, you will find a link to the secure website where you can make your donation. That link can be found in the sidebar to the left. In an effort for you to get to know us as runners, we will post periodically about our training efforts, acheivements, and challenges. Also on the sidebar you will find a link to the Gould Farm website.

Many thanks for visiting -- leaving comments, donating money, and sending power bars are all wonderful forms of support!


TSOldtimer said...

Yeah, guys! What a great thing you're doing! I'll check back often and do what I can for you! Good luck!

Monster Librarian said...

Who do we make the checks to Mummy or Star Pilgrim? Let us know in the next post and I will send you some do rei me!! Love you guys! You are amazing for doing this!!

Mummy Dearest said...

Hey guys. Many thanks for the support! We're just getting off the ground, so watch this blog in the next 2 weeks for a way to donate. We're hammering it all out in the next few days.