Monday, May 5, 2008

Update from Mummy Dearest

So here is our blog. And here we are: runners that want to raise awareness and money for a place we hold dear: Gould Farm.

The seed of this project was planted last year when starpilgrim trained for 6 months for the Cape Cod Marathon. Unfortunatly, she was injured and unable to run last year. Fortunatly, she was determined to run this year and decided to recruit someone else. That someone else, rawbroccoli, inspired me, Mummy Dearest, to join in. And so there were three of us. Three grew to six and now six is growing to ten.

As of now, we have starpilgrim and rawbroccoli running the whole marathon. I am proud captain of a relay team that includes myself and three other runners. And with a little encouragement and coaxing, it looks as if we'll have another team of four runners comprising the second relay team.

Together we hope to train for and finish the Cape Cod Marathon!

Currently we are getting ourselves organized with a fundraising plan. We are deciding on a specific goal and strategies. Soon you will be able to donate to Gould Farm through this blog. We are also hoping to send out a mailing. All this is soon to come!

We hope you check our blog often to track our progress with fundraising as well as training. If you would like to be notified when a new post is put up here, simply subscribe (look on the right, upper part of the sidebar) with your email address and updates will be sent directly to your inbox!

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