Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You are all amazing!

Before I thank our new donors, let me tell you about the applause you all got at community meeting today!

Outside, under the massive oak tree by Main House, the community gathered for Wednesday afternoon community meeting, an arena for staff and guests to share issues, appreciations, and announcements.

At announcement time I told everyone about our project and that today we broke the $1000 mark!!! You should have heard the cheers! A lot of people are grateful for our efforts, and I hope you know that their applause was also for YOU.

And so, on to blog-world appreciations! For your generous contributions and words of encouragement, we give thanks to the following folks:

Monster Librarian, for your second contribution!

Monica Webb, many thanks for bumping us over $1000!

June O'Neill, many many thanks.

Darc, thanks for supporting!

John O, through snail-mail, thanks for your contribution as well!

Check back soon -- I am hoping to "introduce" our relay team soon, as well as give a training update.

1 comment:

Monster Librarian said...

Hopefully not my last donation. ;) Just do me a favor and remember Dad while you are running! I will try and be there.