Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mailed donations trickling in!

To those folks sending checks through the mail, we're slowly recieving your contributions. It is a good day when I get an envelope in my box addressed to "cape cod marathoners". To the following folks, a thousand thanks:

The Kuzmas from Holly, MI, who donated "In memory of the late Ray Bennett".

John Otenesak from Harrisonburg, VA.

Janet McKee from Bethesda, MD.


Carrie Schaffner, from Cincinnati, OH.

And one more online donation from Nathan Yaple, who donated from a tiny island off the West Coast!

Thank you, ALL!!

P.S. Today is August 26th! That means exactly 2 months and we'll be in Cape Cod. Wahoo!

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Monster Librarian said...

Yeah! I am so glad! Still praying for you ladies!